Digital Implant Solution

Product details


A simplified process 

Digital implant solution offers clinics to decrease treatment time and
improve the overall patient experience through
greater involvement with the digital implant workflows. 

Improved esthetic, osseointegration, better biocompatibility, and faster cell adhesion. The surgical kit has been designed to optimize the workflow for the surgeon ergonomically and elegantly. The Expert of dental radiographic equipment: Panoramic & Cephalometric
X-ray Unit.
Effective decellularization of super-critical carbon dioxide and great cell affinity.
Intelligent scan, motion sensing, and automatic scan retracing. Patient imaging acquisition to diagnostics, building a 3D simulation, and providing an analysis report Highly stable and economical desktop device. This printer is suitable for users with large print volumes. Specialized in grinding and milling glass-ceramic, PMMA, and composite resin.