Digital Solution

Product details
Digital Solution 
Contains Multi-Unit Ti-Base, Ti-Base, Digital Analog,
Premilled, Hybrid, Angled, and Scanbody Abutment. 
Perfect fit between implant-abutment-gum.
Solving problems regarding angle, location, and anatomy.
A broad range of material options.
Customized demand.
Aesthetical superiority.
Ti-base Abutment & Scanbody:
1. The Ti-Base serves as a connector between the implant and its final restoration, enabling CAD/CAM customized solutions, the highest precision, and the best esthetic results.
2. Ti-base abutments are available for diameters 4.0 mm.
3. Ti-base abutments for Biomate implant diameters Ø3.3-5.5 mm are available in two sizes, SD and RD.

Figures :
All digitally designed copings and/or crowns for use with the Ti-Base Abutments are to be designed and milled using the 3-shape Dental CAD/CAM-System.

Features :
The Ti-base, fitted with ScanBody, allows for a digital impression, capturing the position of the implant, and can be used for Intra-oral or model-based scanning. ScanBody is suitable for deep sub-gingival implants.

Premilled Abutment :
Custom Manufacturing Abutment Perfect Matching with Biomate Implant.

Titanium alloy material
To ensure better biocompatibility and mechanical performance of the abutment.

High accurate connection
To ensure it is perfectly compatible with the implant, reducing the rate of inflammation.

High stability of the locking system
To avoid the loss of screw, to ensure the tooth occlusion and bearing stable for a long time.