Important notice regarding COVID-19

At BiomateSwiss, we’re closely monitoring the evolving coronavirus (COVID-19) public health crisis.
There is no denying that this pandemic represents a dynamic and challenging time, as businesses and communities adjust to the impacts of recent events.
Covid-19 is a global pandemic that affects over 204 countries worldwide. Compared to other countries, Taiwan has done an excellent job containing the spread of Coronavirus. Before the Coronavirus outbreak, every week, tens of thousands of people travel between Taiwan and mainland China yet there are fewer than 443 cases of Covid-19 in Taiwan. It’s safe in Taiwan.
We are accountable to our customers and partners, and wanted to update you on our response:
1.Reliability and stability remain the top concern for our team. 
   We are doubling down on our commitment to our retail partners and are focused on keeping our platform operational, scalable, and financially resilient during this challenging time. This includes additional monitoring at multiple layers of our technology, increased resources towards database stability, and additional automated testing.
2.Maintaining our supply chain. 
   We have global distributors, adequate inventory, and strong logistics capabilities. Biomate is committed to delivering you the right product on a timely basis.
3. Our technical and customer service as well as our global data centers have been designed with sufficient capacity to meet your needs.
    Going forward, it is our goal to support you as we work through this rapidly evolving situation. Our commitment is to communicate clearly, 
be transparent and go the extra mile for our customers.