BiomateSwiss offers education/training courses to doctors,
which enhances professional dental skills and knowledge.  
BomateSwiss helps our doctors improve clinical outcomes and also operational success.  
The purpose of education initiates and operates a variety of training programs
at professional levels worldwide, which are held directly from Biomate IAI and also through local distributors.

Biomate arch fixation system


Participate in the webinars in dental implant dentistry. These videos and webinars provide dental tips and technique demonstrations to help doctors improve all kinds of dental surgeries.  Wherever you are located, BiomateSwiss and our distributors will do their best to help doctors in the world improve their operations and clinical management.



BiomateSWISS holds the global symposiums of implant dentistry in different countries.  During the period of the COVID19 pandemic, the symposium was held online. The symposium brings global Oral Implantologists together to discuss the latest research in implantology; especially the laser surface, and also the latest implant skill, materials, etc.


Catalogs & Guidance

Depending on which products you use, you can download the complete product catalog or one of the short overviews for specific product solutions.


Laser Research

The Biomate Implant System is based on scientific research evidence, scientifically proven that laser technique forms unique 3D pores with micro-nano & microchannel texture on the implant surface. Work with the global doctors on various topics to demonstrate Biomate implant system is an implant with the best osseointegration, cleanest surface, Self-existing bacteria inhibition implant, etc.